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BTO weblog is now showing Japanese Standard time since it is being maintained here in Japan. Once I return to the United States, the time will then be readjusted. Thanks be to God for everyone’s understanding of this matter.


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Brief history of BTO:

  • Used to be a regular website
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  • Relinquished due to lack of funding and time

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Bible Topics

Here is another page which I created in order to bring you various articles prepared by the most sensible Preacher in our epoch – Bro. Eli Soriano. Feel free to read and share them with your families and friends.

Here is the link. Thanks be to God.

More Biblical Truths

I have shared with you just a few biblical articles from our group’s official website. There are many other topics waiting for you to uncover so do not hesitate and visit The Old Path Bible Exposition Online. God bless and enjoy reading.

TOP CoverTime is one thing that humankind was not able to conquer; instead, time conquers and dominates every human being. No one is spared. That is why even kings, magistrates, medical doctors, and poor people fears time.

The human race is connected and intertwined by time. One person may be the past, you are the present and somebody else is the future. Indeed, time connects the mankind like a chain from the beginning to the end. However, time will inevitably end in eternity. In eternity, time is already conquered.

Excerpted from The Old Path Magazine | Vol. 1 No. 2 | 2005

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TOP CoverEven before the ancient civilization, men are hunters. They make clothes out of the fur of animals they killed and they take refuge in caves. During the ancient civilization, the Egyptians, who are concerned with their shelter and protection after death, placed treasures, clothes and furniture in their tombs for use in the “afterlife”. The Greeks, however, take refuge in the beautiful temples they built for their gods. People in the olden days colonized, fought, raided and invaded nations after nations just to seize power and usurp territories and land. During the Middle Age (11th-13th Century), the kings fought for all land. Knights fought for their kings for land and castle. The first and second World Wars were also the result of these objectives—to conquer and amass authorities from nations to build empires. These significant world events happened and will continue repeating itself because it was already written in the Bible.

Excerpted from The Old Path Magazine | Vol. 1 No. 2 | 2005

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Who Holds the Key?

The Bible contains many things hard to understand. Such understanding cannot be had by just anyone; it is a gift of God. Only the wise appointed by God to understand can have that understanding, and that understanding may lead many to be purified – in the last days. These wise men given understanding to lead many to righteousness shall be very visible – as the stars. And they can be tried if they are true through testing what they preach. Their understanding of the things of God shall prove them to be the wise men mentioned in the Bible.

Excerpted from The Old Path Magazine | Vol. 1 No. 3 | 2005

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