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Alone in this world,
beckoned by transgressions;
countless miseries
darted in as I journey.

All I had was loneliness
before you showed up;
charismatic, brilliant, and poise
dignified preacher of great stature.

Amazing things happened
brought upon by your teachings;
confusions of mine gone,
disappeared in darkness.

Anticipation grew,
begun a grandeur faith;
Christ Jesus leads me now
death’s power has been dispelled.


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The Real Man of God

Many religious groups voice out that their leaders are messengers of God, like the Iglesia ni Cristo (Church of Christ) of Manalo and the Mormons of Joseph Smith, among others. Well, if these people are courageous enough to make such unbelievable claim, then we should be more vocal in pronouncing that our leader, Brother Eli Soriano, is the real man or messenger of God. Why? Because he speaks of God’s truth and tenets, and not his own. He teaches the members of Church of God International the entirety of God’s laws and admonishes all to practice the appropriate Christian tenets in our present dispensation (Mat. 28:19-20).

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As I browse the Internet looking for web sites, particularly blogs, that will inspire me to study more about God and His words, I found one which I consider to be the most sensible out there – the blog of Brother Eli Soriano. See for yourself and be the judge. The articles he writes are all biblically and scientifically based. Any Bible-believing reader will definitely be edified upon perusing Brother Eli’s astute write ups. Thanks be to God for Brother Eli Soriano – the most sensible Preacher in our epoch.

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Time Fixed

BTO weblog is now showing Japanese Standard time since it is being maintained here in Japan. Once I return to the United States, the time will then be readjusted. Thanks be to God for everyone’s understanding of this matter.

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Bible Topics

Here is another page which I created in order to bring you various articles prepared by the most sensible Preacher in our epoch – Bro. Eli Soriano. Feel free to read and share them with your families and friends.

Here is the link. Thanks be to God.

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I have shared with you just a few biblical articles from our group’s official website. There are many other topics waiting for you to uncover so do not hesitate and visit The Old Path Bible Exposition Online. God bless and enjoy reading.

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I have added a page for my favorite sites, mostly religious and some news related ones. Please feel free to visit them and I assure you that you will learn a lot as you browse these outstanding sites.

Look no further, here is the link for the said page.

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